March 1 2014

There are a bunch of things going on! 

The pozible to get Jon Kudelka and I touring Tassie on electric bicycles drinking whiskey raised $19,270. I KNOW RIGHT!? Most of that will be spent on producing a lovely colour book of the adventure.

I'm on Talking Pictures on Insiders this Sunday the 2nd of March.

This week's Guide to Modern Living is about Blip Blorten Opposition Leader! It's on Radio National and the best thing is they are both on at exactly the same time.

I'm in Tassie on the 8th as well doing Cartoobs in the Speigeltent for 10 Days on the Island. You can even still buy tickets

And I'm part of the ABC's Fresh Blood thingo - i'm being funded to produce a few 3 minute videos which will be HILARIOUS.

I feel rather busy. 


Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 6.04.33 PM.png