First Dog on the moon is a Cartoonist for The Guardian Australia, the best and most interesting news website/paper ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. He cartoons there most days holding the nation to account for its folly. First Dog on the Moon is a sneering elitist, and devilishly handsome.
He won a Walkley Award in 2012 and his stage show Cartoobs and other Typos won the Tour Ready Award at Melbourne Fringe in the same year. He was the MOAD Political Cartoonist of the year in 2011. He is making some TV, wrote one book and is doing another.
You can see First Dog's Guardian cartoons at the Guardian and the rest are on this very website. Also go to the shop and buy something. He quite likes this font but understands if you don't.

Let them all come is a cartoon that lots of people seemed to like quite a bit